Saturday, August 1, 2009

Host a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party for Kids

Mickey Mouse Birthday

Step 1

Send out Mickey-related birthday party invitations. Many of the pre-made versions feature the character's latest show, Playhouse Disney's "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." If you'd rather design your own with more of a classic look, download clip art and place it on cards created with red, yellow and black cardstock. (See Resources)

Step 2

Create signs to decorate the room with clip art and Mickey inspired fonts. Gather red, yellow and black balloons, along with a few Disney stuffed animals to assemble cute table centerpieces. Make shaped confetti with black cardstock and a Mickey paper punch. Add store-bought decorations and tableware to complete the look.

Step 3

Set the mood by playing soundtracks from popular Disney movies in the background or by running classic Mickey cartoons on the television.

Step 4

Serve mouse-themed food like cheese and crackers or grilled cheese sandwiches cut with a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter. You can also serve red punch and yellow foods (like pineapple or lemon cookies) to stick with the color scheme.

Step 5

Organize games like "Pass the Ears." Play the "Mickey Mouse Club March" as your guests put on, remove and pass a pair of Mickey ears; whoever is holding the ears when the music stops is out of the game. Repeat the process until one person remains. You can also hold a Mickey Mouse impersonation contest or one to see who can eat the most pieces of cheese in one minute.

Step 6

Keep younger kids entertained throughout the party by printing Mickey coloring pages and providing a basket of markers or crayons.

Step 7

Present the kids with gift bags filled with items like Mickey Mouse ears, a small Disney stuffed animal, stickers and a gift card to local Disney store.

Mickey Mouse Birthday